Wireless in-ear headphone Review: MeeAudio X7 Plus

   I'm getting ready to introduce you to a brand new wireless earphone that I'm really impressed with. Let's be honest... a lot of the wireless bluetooth headphones out on the market right now are really similar... and yes that includes some of the most expensive brands like beats, Sony, jaybird and These--- MeeAudio X7s.

   These are brand new headphones released within that last couple of weeks. I've been given an early look at them. My first impression wasn't great because I wasn't sure how I'd feel about having the earphone wrap around my ear. In my first test with these. I had some issues with my glasses. My glasses would fall forward on my nose... and bounce as I ran. I don't know what that problem was, because I haven't been able to duplicate it. I thought it might be because I'm used to running with a hat, so I ran without a hat. That wasn't it.
        After two weeks, These have completely - in my mind - replaced my QY7s and QY8s. They are much more comfortable. They don't move at all when you run or when I' m doing other workouts like jump rope, plyometrics... or really anything. These have to be the best fitting earphones I've tested so far. For me,  that is the most important test for any headphone.

     Yes the audio has to be great especially if I want to zone out on a track or gym workout. But let's be honest runners: most of us want to be able to hear bikes, cars and rolling up behind us or hanging out in a blind spot. So, lately... I've found myself keeping the volume pretty low for a majority of my run. The goal is safety. Let's all crush our runs and return home to our families in one piece.

   I recommend these for my crossfit brothers and sisters. Not to bash the QY8s or QY7s at all, but the wire doesn't really turn with you when you turn your head... so you end up looking like a robot from the shoulders up when you have those on.

    So, Let's talk about how to fit these on your head. I say it that way, because you aren't just putting this on or in your ear... and letting them hang down around your neck.
     The memory wire is designed to wrap around your ear... then the rest of the wire is designed to snuggly huge the back of your head.
      It's one of the very few occassions... like skinny jeans when tight is good. Wait skinny jeans aren't cool? Well, like a swim suit or a t-shirt.
     You want to make sure you tighten the strap.
    Also if you fit these in your ear properly.. the base really picks up. You'll really be able to notice when or if the headphones are not all the way in your ear. The bass is likely due to its unique design.
        Speaking of sound.. Let's go ahead and talk about it. I feel like it delivers great quality sound. MeeAudio claims Hi-fi sound delivery. You'll feel bass, hear the high and mid tones... and you'll hear it more depending on your phone's audio set up and capabilities. It consistently brings it with the high quality stereo .. almost surround sound audio.
       Liquipel is cool. I'll never say it's a bad thing. I'm not a member of any gym... So, When my workout schedule says run, i run whether its raining, cold, hot, or snowing. So that means there's a 100% chance that my clothes and my headphones are going to get wet. They'll either be wet from the elements or from my own body sweat. If I have a choice between a product that has Liquipel and one that doesn't .. and they both cost the same price... I'll chose Liquipel every time.
   So does it work? Well, MeeAudio says that you can run these under a source of water continuously and they can be submerged in water for about 10 seconds. I tested both theories. I only submerged them for 3 seconds… and they are still working. The liquipel protects all of the openings,.. the speakers and the charging port. They do recommend that you wait until your headphones are ocmpletely dry before you try to recharge them. I would wait overnight before trying to charge them again.
        Distance Test --  MeeAudio is pretty much on par with all other earphone makers claiming a 30 foot range for bluetooth. I think it’s a little bit more than 30 feet.
    Memory wire works really well.  For all of my TV and Entertainment friends out there… It’s kind of like wearing an IFB or ear monitor. The earbud fits perfectly in your ear… using the contours of the outter ear to give some stability.. then it loops up and around the back of the ear for more security.
     The only problem I had was with trying to remember which earbud goes in which ear. It’ll only work one way so it’s not too hard. Now, I just make sure to put the earbud closest to the controls on my right.
     The only thing left to do after that is tighten the cable around your head for a secure fit… like I’ve never seen. With these, I can even take my shirt off or put another shirt on … and they won’t move. It’s pretty remarkable in terms of design.
     Bluetooth supports APTx and AAC audion transmission. The mic for making phone calls or chatting with Siri works very well. It does tend to pick up some background noise though. What kind of cool is that you can stream music or files from two different sources into your ear.
      Meeaudio claims up to 8 hours of talk and music playback time. That perfect for most any race that you’ll do.
Speaker Specifications
driver size           6 mm
frequency response       20 Hz to 20 kHz
impedance         16 Ohms at 1K
sensitivity            100±3 dB (1mW at 1KHZ)
Battery Specifications
Microphone Specifications
directivity            omnidirectional
frequency response       100 Hz to 8 kHz
Product Details
cable length       12 inches (31 cm), detachable
weight 0.5oz (14g)


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