Chic for Leap: Rehearsal for a Hair Show/ fundraiser

     Here are some shots from the rehearsal for the upcoming Chic for Leap Fashion show on October 16th. We'll be there. I hope you can go too. Here's a link if you want tickets, but they won't be selling tickets at the door. Sales end on the 13th! Hope to see you there.





The Second Annual Hair Fashion Showcase
LEAP logo   WYBC logo  Sharon Joy Hair Salon Logo
Hosted by LEAP, 94.3 WYBC, and SharonJoy Hair Salon
  To benefit the LEAP programs for children and youth in New Haven
 October 16, 2011
Cascade Fine Catering
480 Sherman Avenue, HAMDEN, CT
Highlighting New Haven Area Salons and Barber Shops
Hosted by TV Personality Veronica Douglas
Featuring WYBC Midday Host Jessica Carl
    To purchase tickets in person, please visit:
LEAP, 31 Jefferson St, New Haven, CT  (203) 773-0770 or
Sharon Joy Hair Salon, 222 State St, New Haven, CT  (203) 789-8551


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