Lens Problem with my 600D: Error 01

    I've had this new camera for only a few weeks and I have my first and only complaint, .. so far. I can't use an old lens with the new camera. i know it sounds kind of funny to be complaining about not being able to use and old lens, but I was depending on using that lens as a telephoto lens to complete my tri-fecta of good but not amazing lenses. The lens that I'm having a problem with is the ProRokinon 70-210mm lens. It's also listed as a 1.4 - 5.6F, ..  but i'm just noticing that when I connect it with my Canon 600D, ... It'll go from 4F up to like 22F. Weird right? There's a lot of weird things happening with this lens. I found that I could be sitting in one spot and be able to take some pictures.. while I'd get an error message after taking other pictures.

    It was frustrating enough for me to actually consider putting the lens on a back shelf somewhere to look pretty and collect dust. Then I remembered that Google and YouTube often have a solution for everything.  So I put that little message in "Err 01 Communications between the camera and lens is faulty. Clean the lens contacts."

     Seems like the solution is right there on on the big screen on the back of my camera right? -- wrong!.
     I did that, I cleaned the lens contacts repeatedly and tried again, and again and again and nothing worked. After a quick search on google my prayers were answered. I'll say this though you have to be careful where and who you take your information from. A lot of people are trying to be helpful but either don't understand the problem or have not experienced the problem and found a solution for themselves.
     In this case,  excessive cleaning of the gold plated contacts on the camera or the lens to turn both pieces into really night looking paperweights.
     Apparently there is some kind of software programing that keeps many of the cheap lenses from working properly on the newer DSLR cameras. The only way to use these lenses is on F4 (or the widest Aperture) and in the AV (not TV or auto or something like that)
      So, there you go, my problem is fixed right? Not really. I'm not really getting full use of this lens. I'd only be able to take this one out if I know I'd have a backup lens in my back pocket. Now I'm trying to build my case with my wife for splurging on another lens -- somewhere down the road.
      To be continued.....



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