Trains with The 50mm & Opteka Semi-fisheye

50mm lens w/Opteka semi-fisheye lens

50mm Lens (same distance)
      So, I've been playing with my Opteka, HD2 Macro- semi-fisheye lens.. and learning some new and magnificent things. To get the true fisheye look I have to pair the lens attachment up with the 15-55 kit lens that came with the T3i... but I've always wanted to use it with my 50mm lens. Why?.. well for one thing it's one of the best lenses ever. I love the bokeh of the lens... the sharpness of the lens and i love that I can take pictures from f1.8 all the way up to f22. So, when I paired the lens up with the 50mm, i thought that i could put it down to the lowest aperture and shoot away-- i was wrong. What I got was some weird blurry fuzzy looking pictures. Why do i say weird.. because everything looked clear in the viewfinder... but not so much when i switched to live view or snapped the picture. So, again.. not knowing too much about what I was doing .. I put that idea aside for a little while-- until last week. I went for a aperture of 5.6 and "boom goes the dynamite"-- the sweet spot.  perfect bokeh... clear and crisp. So, I guess that's because of the elements/glass in the attachment that I have to kick up the aperture. Anyway-- that's what I've learned. Also I learned just how much closer the lens attachment allows me to get to an object. The two pictures above were taken from the same distance, .. one with just the 50mm and one with the lens attachment.


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