Shelley Lake: Every day is a potential photo shoot

         I don't have much to say about this post. The pictures kind of speak for themselves. Shelley Lake was one of the first nature photowalks in Raleigh. I really enjoy this park, but it's huge. On this day, father and son were out to hopefully fly a kite. The wind wasn't having it, but we sat around long enough to find a caterpillar... some wild flowers and a little fun. I think my son is learning how to appreciate the beauty around him. That's really what photography has done for me. In such a fast-paced world.. at home, at work and on the road... photography really forces you to stop, slow down and take the beauty all around us. I'm sure hundreds of people walked by this small patch of wild flowers at the edge of this field... but my smart son said... "daddy you should take my picture"... So, I did. Because of the angle and camera lens.. it almost looks like a field full of this pretty flowers.. but it wasn't.


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