Ethan's First Baseball game- The newest Durham Bulls fan

    So, I took Ethan to his first Durham Bulls game this week -- thanks to some great tickets from work. It was quite the school night for this little six year old.
     We had seats almost right behind third base.. and right in front of the warm up area for the relief pitchers. We got to the stadium a little late... and of course-- we missed almost all of the action. we got there about an hour into the game at the top of the third inning. Bulls -10 Braves- 0.
    Yes, 10 runs scored before we even stepped foot inside, and Ethan was still bugging me to get something to eat. So we did during one of the intermissions. I thought it'd be good to give the crowd a break from Ethan's dancing. On the way back we picked up a number one finger.. and as we were walking out of the door.. in walks Wool-E-Bull. No line, no wait... EJ gets the mascot to sign his finger. awesome moment.

   So we head back to the stands... and a player -- I didn't mentally write down who hit the ball -- hits a foul ball into the stands right behind us. Apparently so many balls had gone into the stands that the guy who caught it... gave the ball to Ethan. We're going to have to see if we can get that one signed some day.  So, time goes on.. the game gets a little closer. i think the Braves had about 5 points by now... Wool-E-Bull comes around in his go cart and throws a squishy ball into the stands right in front of Ethan. I'm sure this type of thing happens all the time, but EJ wound up with another squishy ball thanks to an awesome fan.


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