Knight-Lights Driving through the City, long exposures

2013 06 02_1235013So I was inspired by a video done by Brian Peterdon to take long exposure photography on the road. Brisnpeterdon does short informative videos for adorama TV on YouTube. He reminds me of an older Jared Polin,... Except he recently cut off his hair. Anyway, Peterson used an variable ND filter to take a long exposure picture in a moving car during the day.

2013 06 02_1234012     Well, I stacked two ND filters and did the same thing at night.  I love it. I am always looking to take pictures that can be seen as art. This set right here is one of my favorites so far. Next I want to try it during the day. By the way, no law were broken in the making of these pictures. The camera was on a tripod in the back seat and strapped into a seatbelt. I tried to pop a flash to light up the inside of the car.  But, that would have been too dangerous.

2013 06 02_1233011
i love the craziness in the middle

2013 06 02_1231009
maybe i call this warp speed
2013 06 02_1230008

2013 06 02_1227005
i like the one line that dips while the others seem straight
2013 06 02_1226004


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