Road Trip to Connecticut and back

Road trips are fun, educational,  0-0---   but they can also be stressful and expensive.

Phillip-Morris World Headquarters

I think this was Richmond, VA

Selfie after a nap

Rolling through the Harbor Tunnel in Baltimore, Maryland

Downtown Meriden, CT

Hubbard Park, Meriden

The view of Castle Craig at Hubbard Park in Meriden. We didn't have all
 the time in the world to  drive to the top (it's a 15 20 minute drive)

Stopped to take some pictures at the Connecticut State Capitol building
between the commencement ceremony and the dinner party.


I used to go through this tunnel just at least once a week.
Now, until this trip, .. I haven't been through a tunnel in almost two years. 

This is the Tapanzee Bridge. We went this way because the G.W. Bridge
has two tolls withing miles of each other $13.80 each


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