Stranded at Philadelphia's Airport -- kinda

   This is what a huge airport looks like when there's no one in it. I recently missed my connecting flight at Philadelphia International Airport. My Flight from New Haven to Philly was about 15 -20 minutes late arriving in Philly. 
long exposure shot looking out at the tarmac
    So, when we landed, ... a US Air agent asked everyone that was in danger of missing their connecting flight to see her.  I saw her. She helped some people on a flight to Atlanta. It was leaving 5 minutes before mine. When she got to me, she said she couldn't help me. So, I made my way to the gate as fast as I could. 
     The only problem: the bus/trolley/ground transportation to the other terminal.  The bus left about 2 minutes after I got on. Then the driver proceeded, ... but stopped at every opportunity, planes, fueling trucks, baggage trucks. Wait.. I think those are my bags actually making it to my plane on time. So I finally got to the terminal, got off the bus and ran. 
    I've never been one of those airline passengers that runs to his or her plane.. but this time.. I was one of those passengers. As I was running up to the gate, I noticed the agent closing the door. She quickly informed me that I was too late for my flight. I have to be honest. I wasn't happy at how that all transpired. I wasn't calm in the immediate moments after that. 
     I went to customer service, they informed me that the flight I missed was the last one to Raleigh for the night. GREAT! Now I'm even less calm. She books me on a flight for the next day, .. but doesn't give me a hotel. So, I walk away... head to the food court, sit and calm down. After a few phone calls, texts, some football  and a burger, I was ready to go back and argue my case for a hotel. I won. So, in all i spent about 2, maybe 3 hours in airport.. and about 5 hours in the hotel. What could have been a disastrous, sleepless night in an airport terminal,.. turned out to be just an extended vacation -- a delayed end to my vacation.

the view from my hotel window, hmm southwest, ... maybe I'll try them next time.


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