Coming of age: The iPhone

      By the end of the day today, my cell phone will be faster and more advanced than my desktop & laptop put together. I've waited two years for this cell phone upgrade. The last time I bought a phone the iPhone was just being released. What did i say?... I don't need that. Its Just a phone. Touch screen?-- I can get a cheaper one.
      So i got the cheaper one. and it turned out alright. This little samsung actually had a feature the iPhone didn't: video chat. although the video chat was a little clumsy. you have to take turns being the person in from of the camera because there was no front facing lens. Anyway .. no real complaints. It served its purpose. the video chat was still kinda fun and it had a touch screen (or at least that's what I kept telling myself) The one game changer: "aps." A smart phone that allows its users to keep making it smarter....
    So i was forced to stalk various friends phones over the past 24 months,730 days, roughly 17,520 hours or 1.05 million minutes (however you want to look at it). Still I wanted to be reserved in my excitement for the phone.. gathering various opinions, reviews and stats on the gadget before jumping in head first.
    But I never truly wanted the phone until I bought my wife an ipod touch. Once i got over my addiction to angry birds, I found out this is really a great device.

     So that brings us to today. after waiting all day, I'm holding one of the latest iPhones in my hand right now. Amazing. I guess I'll really see if the wait was worth it. Time to go to sleep!


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