I Feel Silly

I feel sill for even writing this. I'm not even sure this will make it out of draft form. So, my young child is growing up. being influenced by the trends of the day and his friends. he like every other child his age through high school want these silly bands. sadly they weren't really on my radar until his school banned them. Parent, what is the easiest way to make a child really want something?-- tel them they can't have it. I admit I had seen them before. You can't miss them at Supermarkets and Drug stores everywhere... Then you put them on a kid like Justin Beiber and you have instant success. As a parent i was confused. because my only encounter with them was a kid in line at Wal-Mart who had two arms full of them. remember they just look like funky rubber bands when they're on your arm. Then you take them off and it goes right back to original form. Genius! whoever thought of this.. and decided to run with it is likely very rich right now. It brings back memories of garbage pail kids, Slap bracelets (those got banned because they were cutting poor kids wrists), those little virtual pets, webkins.. yea the list goes on.  so, for now,.. when he's not at school and remembers to put them back on.. his arm is full of SillyBands. It's not all that silly though. i thought those livestrong bracelets would last forever.


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