I feel cheated by WalMart

I'm upset with Walmart and I'll tell you why. Walmart is trying to cheat you. Basically I went to Walmart to buy an HDMI cable and it was $29 in the store and then I checked online through my laser zapper app. Then i found out it was $10 online. So, I took it to customer service who said no you can't get it for $10 we don't price match our own website that sounds silly to me. So I left and came back and asked the same question again.then I asked what if I buy it online can I pick it up right now in the store. she says no but if I want the Cable right now I can buy it online and buy in the store ... then when the online item comes I can return it for the store price. That sounds crazy because if I buy it online and wanted to return it in the store they will only give me the online price. And what's crazy is that there's a whole box of these HDMI cables sitting in the middle of the isle like they're a sale item but they just don't have the sign on them. Call the story is if you have an iPhone get the laser app bring with you scan every single item that you biased but she was electronics if you're going to Walmart because you're it at nighttime to attend you can find it for cheaper online. The other trick at the pull is having companies make things especially just for Walmart so when you try to scan it online the only other retailer that comes up is Walmart.


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