Pictures Of Airplanes

     I'm pretty sure that while taking these pictures I came close to getting arrested. It's not that I was doing anything wrong-- I was taking pictures off Airport property and away from any signs that say keep away.. or no parking. But I was a little paranoid-- plus I'm a black guy -- or dark skinned person pointing a black thing at an airplane while it's taking off from an airport with dozens of people on board. I'm just saying-- from 100 yards away who knows what I look like.
    Anyway, I found spot to take pictures in the parking lot of a closed down business... the fence boarders Bradley International Airport's runway.... after taking pictures of the first plane that took off a security vehicle came speeding down the runway at-- i'm guessing about 110 miles per hour. The engine was pushing as hard as it could.. then there was a 20-30 minute break between flights. In that time I saw my friend the security guard's car at least three more times. I was a little spooked. Now, I like taking pictures of anything with wheels and an engine--- airplanes may soon become my favorite. i hope you enjoy these pictures. At first I wasn't too axcited about the pictures because of all the the trash on the grass in front of the runway--- then I bumped up the gain and saturation-- Wow. Take a look.
     One of these was my wife plane-- as you can tell I miss the days when you could wave good-bye to your loved ones before they get on a plane and watch their plane taxi and take off!


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