My 52 Week project: Ground Rules

     I'm not a big fan of so-called  New Year's Resolutions, but I do love new beginnings and change. So, I'm going to start my own hybrid project 52. This post is my commitment in writing that i'm going to "attempt" to do it.
    A lot of people are doing project 365s and 52s.... taking pictures of themselves once a day or once a week respectively. I'm going to  attempt a Project 52, but I won't be taking pictures of myself.
      I haven't figured it all out yet (rules and such).. but I'm going to force myself to take a picture every week of this year. Here's what I've been thinking about so far.
   1. Pictures will be taken on either cell phone or the DSLR (not by crayon, pencil or photocopy)     
   2. I'll probably take dozens of pictures, but I'll only pick a top 5 or 10 to highlight on my blog or on youtube. 
   3. pictures will be posted on instagram, picasaweb, facebook, tumblr       
   4. I'll be picking themes for each week (macro, location, color, flash, no flash, seasonal, etc.)      
   5. No prizes, No contests       
   6. The week in review will be posted on Sunday on this blog --- hopefully accompanied by a youtube video.     
   7. Have fun, grow, improve.
       Number 7 is the main goal of this Project. I want to try some new things, improve my skills and maintain my excitement for Photography. The videos that i do post will be in a playlist on my YouTube page "TheKnights9" called  "An Amateur's Journey in Pro Photos."
      Now, I want everyone to keep in mind, I'm a busy man- sometimes. Family comes first. Church is important. I have a full time job... So, I'm likely going to miss a day or a week...but I'll make up for it in awesome pictures.
      Really, I'm taking the opportunity to give myself an excuse to take more pictures. (and my family is saying -- like you need another excuse to take more pictures.) So, this is my warning to family, ... friends strangers... there are going to be times when it seems like to camera never leaves my side or its attached to my hand.
      There are a lot of reasons why I picked a project 52 over a project 365. The big reason is because "I aint got time for that" lol...  No seriously.. i don't want to burn myself out.. and i want quality photos.. not just  any and everything. So, I hope to see improvement.. i hope you see something you like.
    -- Blessings


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