Film vs. Digital Photography

   Technology is always evolving. If you don't keep up with it, you will get left behind. Computers are obsolete within nine months to 18 months. Cell phone companies come out with new models every six months in some cases. Automakers come out with a new model every year. In a similar way, Photography has advanced leaps and bounds since its early days. But i feel like the progress has accelerate in the last two decades.  The Canon EOS 630 is evidence of that evolution to me.
      I remember my first point and shoot camera had a disposable flash. Anybody remember that? These things had a flash with 10 or 12 lights in them that basically burned out after one flash.... and smelled like a pop/cap gun had gone off. I kinda wish I could find one of those. But I'm pretty sure they don't make them any more.
    My mom had an old Polaroid Camera that I thought was cool because you didn't have to take it to a store to be developed. But you still had to shake it and wait for the image to reveal.
     The real reason why I'm writing this blog is because of my dad's Canon EOS 630.  This camera hasn't taken a picture in nearly a decade because of a battery drain problem. It's a common problem in this model over time. I recently posted a YouTube video showing how I fixed the battery drain problem. Why would I even care to fix a camera that is so old. It was released between 1989 and 1992ish. So, How does a 25 year old camera make it in today's world?

What I like about film photography: 
  1. The scent of a new roll of film. 
  2. Loading a new roll of film. 
  3. The sound right after a new roll of film is loaded. 
  4. The sound of the film advancing to the next exposure.
  5. The excitement of completing a full roll of film and knowing the next step is together them developed. 
  6. The sound of the camera auto rewinding your complete roll of film. 
  7. The mystery of not knowing exactly what you have immediately. 
  8. The anticipation of opening up those pictures for the first time. 
  9. Having a physical print in your hand. 
      Honestly, the only real reason why I've decided to get the EOS 630 working is because it was my dad's old camera. For those that don't know, My father died in 2003. One of the last pictures he took of me was with this camera at my College Graduation.
     Back to the accelerated evolution of cameras. Before the digital age, he was able to use this camera continuously for than 10 years without it seeming outdated.
     Today, I wouldn't take this camera out on a paid photo shoot. DSLRs, Micro Four 3rds and Cell phone cameras have changed photography in a great many number of ways.
      DSLRs helped decrease the cost of being a photographer. You don't have to pay for prints, wait to see results, or know how to use a dark room. It also improved the level of photography by allowed photographers to copy edit themselves in the field... or create unique effects in a computer... much. much later.
Canon EOS DCS 3
    Micro Four 3rds cameras also improved accessibility to photography. While the price of some of these cameras can reach higher than a low end DSLR, the size and weight of these systems are attractive to many. For Example, You might be able to get a Micro 4/3rds camera into a concert. Some venues don't allow DSLRs. Or you might want to take it on a hiking trip.
     Cell phones have made sharing, viewing and taking pictures easier... in a scary kind of way.. thus the rise of the "Selfie." Cell phone technology has also come a long way. From the cheesy 1 megapixel cameras up to 8 megapixel and now 40+ megapixel cell phone cameras. But just think about it.. the first Canon DSLR  in 1995 only had 1.3 Megapixels on a CCD sensor ..shooting at 2.7 fps. We've come a long way. Embrace it. Flow with it or get left behind.
    Ok,.. So maybe I'm being a little sentimental or nostalgic about those film cameras. But there's nothing wromg with looking back to see where we've come from. It may help you see the road ahead clearer. 



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