13 1/2 days with a Canon Camera

So begins my two week journey with a mid-high class camera. You might think I'm crazy ( i kinda think I'm crazy), But, tomorrow, I am going to purchase a new camera. from a certain electronics store giant. and i plan to only own it for 13 and 1/2 days. I'm sure you know why... After that I own it period. I've always loved Photography. My first camera was small thin and blue. It had one of those disposable flashes that only had about 10 flashes per cartridge. The thing smelled like a cap-gun after each flash. I thought i was doing something.. although most of those early pictures were of my finger, the sky, or really really close on my sister.
    Since then I've had a number of point and shoot film cameras that got the job done. But I really always loved using my dad's camera. The Canon EOS 630. Yes its an SLR, but no it's not digital. it's heavy, clunky and needs a HUGE external flash in low light... But, man, there is just something great about the finished product. And yes, I'm all about quality in the finished product.
    Then I got real nostalgic, i found out that he also owned another older camera.. the G-Yashika. Great camera, but a little worn. Dented from an impact with the ground some years back. Both were handed down to me.
     So here's the problem. Does anyone really do film anymore? after feeling like a dinosaur every time i urn in my spent rolls, and one, two, maybe three lectures on the benefits of digital from photo-techs (even a few stink eyes)... I decided maybe its time to upgrade. Yes, I do have a point and shoot 6mp digital cam that I picked up for less than 100 dollars ten years ago. Yes my cell phone cam shoots 3mp, .. But, come on.

       Well the day is here and the time is now. For at least the next two weeks-- while I put my old film cameras in the shop for maintenance, I'm going to take another camera for an extended test drive. So what camera did I settle on? - The Canon Rebel T2i,... i wish, ... Maybe the powershot sx1? not available in stores around here, ... So, I settle on the sx20. Very strong Camera, Gets great reviews. has an awesome zoom, but only 720 hd video.. WHY,  WHY, WHY? We'll see how this goes. I'll be taking it with me everywhere for the next few weeks. You may ask why I didn't get a DSLR? I don't know. but i'm guessing I won't be too bothered by it over a two week period.


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