Product Review: Cowboy Studio

 I'm just one guy with a very small blog with a few views a day, but I have to say something about this product I recently bought (and not because anyone is paying me to do so.) I actually thought about not really saying anything about it at all. It seemed kinda cheesy, but people do it all the time with the iPhone,  cameras, gaming systems, ... etc. As a disclaimer I've never used another type of mobile studio. For what it's worth, this Cowboy Studio continuous lighting kit can really take your pictures from looking like a Polaroid or Kodak camera shot to a professional grade glamor shot.    Especially if you really know how to use the lights and can block out other light sources. If set it up and taken it down a bunch of times. It only takes ten minutes to get out of the bag and up. It take a little bit longer to take down just because you have to fold the background. The only complaint that I could possibly make is about the actually lights that come with the kit. There is no where to safely store them. Right now I have them in the original boxes.. hoping that will protect them. I'll probably end up getting a case for the lights big enough to carry four lights (one just in case there is a blowout). If you have a couple of extra bucks, but this lighting kit. It is worth it Perfect for Youtubers and freelance photographers-- and its cheep!.That's all I have to say.


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