New Betta Fish

Don't adjust the color on your computer screen, hand-held device or TV... Our red Beta fish is now blue. Well,kinda.... The red one didn't make it. We had two beta fish. As you probably know, they can't live in the same tank or they'll fight. 
I think I posted some video of the two red fish fighting. Both survived the fight but one fish was stuck in a small nasty bowl for a little while. When we finally got him a new bowl I think it was too late... But, I also think my wonderful child had something to do with it. See, the when I found our friend floating upside down... his water was tinted pink-- the color of his fish food. So, we went and got another fish-- UConn-Blue to match the blue rocks and blue-lined sponge bob dwelling. So far, so good with the new fish and clean bowl. Although I did catch EJ try to dump food on our fish friend again. I got my eye on you!!!  RIP other fish I think the new fish's name is Bob.


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