I got "gas"... I mean petrol

What can you say about gas prices that hasn't already been said. They are high, going higher and they have an impact on everything. So buckle up and get used to the view from here.
This gas price roller-coaster has some twists, turns and twirls, but the drop off is over-exaggerated. You might lose a little more than your hat and sunglasses( your lunch.) it's enough to make anyone sick. Oh and stay seated when we pull into the station. We're going to do it all over again (next year.) Gas is one of those things like taxes, tuition and healthcare that you can always count on to keep going up. BTW, This doesn't make me want to buy an electric car yet. (YET.) I'd rather ride a motorbike or something so I can still have my petrol-induced fun on the weekend. (maybe hybrid & maybe when prices break the $5 a gallon mark.


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