The Hawks are Out!

It must be spring because the hawk is out. Mohawks are back in style. They have been for about a year i guess, but i'm finally jumping into this bandwagon. I weighed a lot of options before going under the barber's razor. I had about an hour of watching some other guy get a regular cut to mull over my decision. So, lets break this down. Why wouldn't i do it? It's just hair right? In the grand scheme of things if I hated it, i could just cut it off. Anything would be better than they hard to control, hard to manage Afro that had been growing on my head for the past six or seven months. I've had a lot of Hair styles in my life time: the box, high top fade, the slope, fades with parts to the side, corn rows , even an attempt at an s-curl. That's why I never make fun of anyone's hairstyle (unless the barber really messed it up). I mean styles fade in and out like hairlines. it was finally time for a change. I just wasn't sure if it'd be seen as a radical change or a positive change. The "Mister T" would have been drastic and radical. I pity the "uneducated man." I'm not ready for that.
Next time maybe i'll go with The Native American MoHawk.


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