Bowling Ball vs. iPad (with and without protection)

If I (or my wife) ever get an iPad this might just be the protection I get. Especially after what happened to my laptop. It's made by a company called G-Form. What happened to my laptop you ask. Well, first let me say kids will be kids. Things can be replaced and fixed, but family moments are irreplaceable.
So, flash back to Ethan as a barely walking or talking toddler experimenting with drinking out of cups. Yes, the bottle to cup stage. You can turn a bottle upside down. But, you can't do the same thing with a cup and uh oh, .. not near daddy's laptop. That was the first incident. I expected sparks to fly out of the back of the machine and watch the keys melt down, but it didn't. I shook it off, dried it off and it worked for all of a week. A couple of months later I tried turning it on... and it worked. Thank God right? The prayers of the righteous availeth much! That lasted until EJ grew a little, walked a little ran a little and got into the swinging things around stage. So, one day we were all checking something out on the computer and on our way out to church (or something.) I think Ethan wanted a little attention and started swinging a belt around. Before I could say put that belt down the buckle part had made it's way through the glass on my monitor. Over the next few weeks a small crack turned into a crater-- a slice all the way across the screen. Then without warning the screen went green. And I didn't even mentioned the cell phones that were ruined.
So, that's my story on why protecting your electronics is a must. The only thing-- I don't know if that protection is worth $60. I think I can stay clear of bowling balls and pay myself 60 bucks. 


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