Vacation Day 2: Meet Pedro

Vacation day 2: After walking around Washington D.C. all day we had to stop at a hotel, then in the morning it was off for South Carolina to visit mom. Anyone who has driven from South Carolina to North Carolina knows that you have to stop at South of the Border. The place has both grown and shrunk since I've been a kid. I only remember the fireworks and rest stop area. But if you go too far down the road, you can see all the glory of what used to be South of the Border. -- You have to get a picture with Pedro, right?

    The Carnival is closed.. along with the miniature golf, Auto Sales dealership, ballroom and more. Half of it is a ghost town.. the other half is a "Hot Mess." It felt like it was about 203 degrees out there. We hit up the gift shop and found the same old nick-knacks and souvenirs that were probably being sold there back in the 80's. 
     There were some cool little novelties, but the strange part is that there was also a kid's souvenir shop  that had the same old "tired" junk in it. We didn't go in the Reptile lagoon, because we didn't know what was in there. 
     Honestly, we skipped the fireworks shop-- no cash for explosives this time around. We skipped the ice cream shop and peaked our heads in the Diner, but that was a waste. We wound up about two exits down at a burger king. The food was better and reasonably priced. Then we were off down the straightest, most boring road (I-95) in the country to South Carolina. 


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