Vacation Day One

    We are about half way through our vacation. I've had so much fun that I haven't had a chance or desire to post a blog. I have been taking dozens and dozens of pictures. Because there's so many, it's hard to pick just one photo to represent the day.. especially our first day. 

   We started our journey at 2am. Everything was smooth sailing until we got to the George Washington Bridge. We were following the leadership of the wonderful voice guided Mapquest app on the iPhone. "Home-girl" didn't know that the lower level was closed. So, we took a little detour. Thank God for the detour, because i got this great picture of the bridge. Thank you NYPD for not giving me a ticket in a "no standing" zone. So, the young lady in the Mapquest GPS took us on a tour through the Jersey Tunnel.. then on the backroads of the "armpit" of the nation. That was my fault.. I had the settings on Avoid tolls. We had to change that and get on 95... and it was smooth sailing into Washington D.C. 
    Here's some advice. The best time to stroll through the Capital is at 8 a.m.  It wasn't too hot or crowded. It's amazing how big the monuments are. We stopped at the Smithsonian Museum of National Art. BTW, I had no idea that the Smithsonian had so... many differen't museums. You need to take a day just to hit them all. We missed out on the most important Smithsonian museum-- Air and Space. So, .. we'll do that next. 


    The Squirrels are also busy in the morning. We met a guy who we found feeding the squirells peanuts by hand. Ethan got a chance to do the same. I had never-- ever-- seen anything like it. Then it was off to the Vietnam War Memorial Wall. 
       It really puts an exclaimation point on the true cost of war, the true cost of freedom... and even the cost of trying to enter a senseless war.. in the name of spreading Democracy. 
     Then it was off to the Lincoln Memorial. I had no idea how big that monument is. I mean wow. 


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