More Cute Cuddly Kitten Pictures

   So, the Knight Family got a cute and cuddly kitten yesterday. Her name is Whisper. She's a calico cat full of energy. She was tuckered out after a long day of playing with Ethan all day long. But we are just getting to know her and Whisper is just getting used to her surroundings.

       Flashing back a littler earlier in the day, .. we didn't even go to the animal shelter to take Whisper home. We had looked at another kitten a few weeks ago, but that kitten wasn't ready to go home yet. When we got there yesterday they said that all of the kittens that we looked at were in kind of a quarantine at the vet because one of the cats was sick, and some of them weren't eating. So, instead of waiting another week, we found this little kitty and took her home. She's only three months old. The folks at the shelter say the guy who turned her in was afraid to have any more cats because two of his cats had recently died. So, There you go!
    We also met a bunch of people at the Shelter. (I should have taken a picture) One guy walked in with a box under his arm. Inside, two little kittens covered in grease. They were covered in grease because they were born in some kind of Machine shop in North Haven. He said their mother was run over by a car in front of the shop. His boss wanted the cats out.  The guy with the box-o-kitties wanted to make sure they went to a "No-kill" shelter.  The Meriden Humane Society wouldn't take them, but another woman.. who was looking to adopt walked out of there with both kittens under her arm.  Enjoy the pics.



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