Pullen Park: A Diamond in the Ruff

 Ok, So Pullen Park may be the best part that I've ever been to. That's saying a lot. But this park -- while it may be down the street from a prison.. and bordering a college campus-- is awesome. I've been to a lot of parks with Ethan. I've never seen his eyes light up so much for a park like it did for this one. Then I found out how much it costs-- and I was happy.
      To give you an idea, there is a working train, carousel, playscape for the kids and my favorite-- paddle boats. I haven't seen paddle boats at a park in a very very long time. So maybe it was half excitement, half nostalgia for me. But, you can't beat one dollar tickets for train and carousel rides. Six dollars is even understandable for the paddle boats. Oh, and I forgot they also have kiddie boats. I can't believe I've been here for four weeks and I'm just now discovering this gem. I hope you enjoy the pictures. By the way this is also an awesome place for a photo-shoot. While EJ and I were walking around we noticed a wedding party going through their rehearsal for their ceremony on the next day.
      I'm sure there is much more to enjoy at the park that I missed. You better believe I'll be back.


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