A Walk in the Park (NOT)

      So, I admit that I have a problem. I've gotten into the habit of taking my camera with me everywhere. No, I'm not talking about my iPhone... I'm carrying this huge DSLR around with me. I'm still a little inconspicuous because I don't have one of those professional "L" lenses (the big long white ones with the red ring.) So, here's a few reasons why I'm lugging it around.
    1. I'm Crazy
    2. I want to be prepared if I want or need to take a picture
    3. Networking,
       The problem (or benefit) to lugging this camera around with me all the time is that I'm always thinking about what I could capture in the lens. So, a walk in the park isn't just a walk in the park any more. It's a photo-op for anything, everyone and at any moment. I pick on the park because there are times and places when I have to leave the thing behind (malls, schools, hospitals, church -- well sometimes.) The main reason -not listed above- is that I enjoy it. I enjoy sharing my world with the world. The duck flapping its wings, the guy jogging across the bridge, the cardinal perched on a branch are all moments in time that could and should be shared. I'd be selfish if I didn't want to share God's creation with the world.
     Up until now that is what my photography has been about. Knight-Life Photo. Emphasis on the "Life." Sharing what I see at church functions, weddings, birthday parties, parks beaches. I think and I hope I'm getting ready to transition into something new and different(for me.)
     That's my rant for the day. -- take care and God Bless.


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