The Yates Mill- Touring Raleigh

    As you can tell, I've been giving myself a tour of the new city. The next stop was the Historic Yate Mill. It's the oldest and only restored automatic mill in North Carolina. I was originally excited to be there,.. taking my time as I made my way around the grounds-- then I saw it. First let me say that I am fully aware that there is a posssssibility that I may see a snake while I'm in North Carolina. I'll also say that I'm not looking forward to that day unless that snake is in a cage or behind glass. So, I spent the first part of the day checking to make sure no snakes were in my path-- then I saw this Sign. "Northern Water Snake Habitat" WHAT???

Before seeing this, I seriously felt like there was something on my pant leg and kept checking it. 

    I spent the rest of my time there checking and double checking to make sure I wasn't mistakenly in their habitat. I'm not completely sure if these snakes are dangerous or not, but I think most of us would prefer a warning long before you enter a snake's habitat... I'll gladly prohibit myself. Anyway, like I  was saying, that didn't stop me from getting some great shots around the mill.... NOT close to the mill unless I'm with someone that can watch my back while focus is in the camera lens.  
     * Update: So it turns out the Northern Water Snake is not venomous. Phew 


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