Don't text and drive, just put the cell phone down

iPhones and Blackberries and Droids have become so useful, right? But, why do we think that we always have to have one within arms reach? I'm guilty of this myself. I use my phone to read the bible daily, watch YouTube videos, listen to music, check email and news. That's not even including the games I play and blogs I write. All that can be argued as time consuming or time saving -- or both. But no matter how smart your phone is, when you mix a cell phone with driving, it's down right dumb. That why I strongly support the News8 w82txt campaign and similar campaigns in the area. I'm wearing my little reminder that it only takes a split second careless decision to kill someone. 
     Just as I'm about to post this, I find out that there's a new app that can actually keep you from texting and driving its called  "Txtblocker"

I also have to be honest and say that I have tried to text and drive. By the grace of God, I've never crashed. But, I've had enough close calls that I am putting a stop to it now for myself. It's the gray areas that got me in trouble. I'd stop at a red light or in heavy traffic and check for a new text, email or change the song playing on the iPhone. The next thing you know, my foot is sliding -ever-so- gently off the brake. Or, I find something so interesting I have to respond after the car is moving again.
    The point: Don't text and Drive.


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