Monster Jam


I'm finally getting some video to you from
last week's trip to "Monster Jam" at the Webster Bank Arena at Harbor Yard. You have to understand Ethan and I are huge car fans. The bigger, the louder and the faster--- the better. He has about 100 or 150 cars -- mostly "Matchbox" and "Hotwheels." Some of the cars are broken. But, surprisingly... he keeps track of them all. He's starting to learn the names of the cars and notice them on the street.   
   So, I hear it every time he see's a car that looks like one of his. Instead of ignoring his love of cars. I let him indulge. It may be entirely my fault anyway.
     That's how we wound up at the Monster Jam last weekend. It started a little slow with the ATV's and dirt bikes. One Truck- Thrasher- broke down before the show and didn't get in until late. My favorite was the Lobster claw truck. A close second was El Toro Loco. The Airforce Afterburner and Martial law trucks were tight, but didn't get too much support from the crowd. For some reason that support always seems to go to "Grave Digger." My personal opinion is that Monster Jam needs to take it to a bigger arena-- like UConn's Rentschler Field in East Hartford. The trucks just don't have the room to move around like they should. for example in Bridgeport you can seat 10-thousand fans-- at the "Rent" you can fit 40-thousand...
     Plus, they should make more time for fans to get up close to the trucks.
Ethan took home a little souvenir. You'll see it crushing the rest of his cars in this video. Enjoy. Next up for us. The New York International Auto Show,.. maybe even Nascar! We'll have to see.


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