iThink iCan IPad too (2)

    I guess I wouldn't be a blogger if i didn't say something about the iPad 2. Everybody and their momma have been waiting for its release since the initial release of the iPad last year. When the first iPad came out, the question was-- what makes it different from an iPhone? 
     Apple does a pretty good job of keeping its buying public salivating for more. Some of their customers are going to have to install bibs on their chins to catch the saliva and prevent and damage to their apple products. When the first iPad was released the iPhone actually had one up on the old pad with its dual cameras. So, I waited. I nearly slept through the release of the iPad 2 (those who know my work schedule know why.) I caught a Live blog of the event and a vlog from Soldierknowsbest on YouTube. 
     I have learned something about technology. I don't really have to have it right now. I can stand to wait and watch those who stood in line for hours complain about bugs, or lack of "this" or "that." Its like trying to eat a cookie when it first comes out of the oven. It'll be nice and soft and chocolaty, but you might burn your mouth. It certainly paid off to wait for the release of the iPad 2. How much more could you ask for. The company is actually giving the customer what it-- well-- asked for in this new release- choice.
         Two colors to chose from -white and black
         Wi-Fi that can latch on to AT& T or Verizon
         Dual cameras that can FaceTime with all other apple products.
         It's Slimmer, lighter, faster (sounds like a good race car-- Ferrari)
I'm still sticking to my guns and waiting this one out. But then I look at my iPhone 4 and think about the possibilities with the larger screen. Maybe an early birthday present-- hint hint.


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