The iPhone 4s and Siri are finally here: Review

   I'm not one of those that has to be the first one to get a tech gadget when it comes out, but I'm sure that does come with some perks and excitement. Same with the iPhone 4s. Even with the death of Steve Jobs, I didn't really desire it.. thinking my iPhone 4 was pretty good as it is. I'll spare you all the details as to why I decided to get the upgrade but-- long story short-- My wife has my phone and I now have an iPhone 4s (her blackberry was dying slowly.)
  So now i'm excited. I ordered the new phone and waited, and waited, and waited. Then finally I got notification that my phone had been shipped from China. I don't know too much about the complicated process of shipping a package and making sure it arrives at the correct address in a certain amount of time, but I'm sure i'm not the only one who likes tracking packages through the web. So fast forward to when when the phone arrives. I love it-- okay let me hold back judgement.... I like it. Off the bat, it looks just like the 4, so it's easy to access and navigate. It was really easy to switch my phone number over to the new phone. The biggest difference-- Siri. I've been so enamored with Siri that I haven't been able to give the new camera a proper test. So lets talk about Siri. Honestly having the option to control most functions of your phone by voice is awesome. 
   The only thing that I wish Siri could do was interact with the apps installed in my phone. Basically if there is something that Siri doesn't know she'll search the web for it instead of -- for example: If I ask for a restaurant's menu-- Siri should access urban spoon app.. or if i want directions-- access mapquest. Other than that she works as advertised and spoofed. I can schedule meetings, alerts, calendars, check the weather and give me smart answers to silly questions. Is it a faster phone?- maybe I can't really tell at this point. conversations kind of sound clearer. Internet depends on the wireless connection--- but I've noticed that it picks up wireless in locations my old phone would have trouble. Music is great. I'm not completely sure but the sound quality of the music player is better. iCloud is definitely worth it. The screen is crisp as always. Facetime is awesome. 
     The next review will be specifically on the camera. For now, peace and God Bless!


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