Opteka Semi-wide Angle Lens

 A couple of shots that I haven't had a chance to post yet from a couple of weeks ago. This is from the top of East Rock in New Haven. I'm not only trying out Canon's raw photo format, but I was also trying out a semi-fisheye lens from Opteka. It basically just screws onto the end of the lens. I like the effect in some cases, but it has it's limits. The attachment causes a lot of color fringing and blurring around the edges of the photograph. Bokeh is still good, ... but if you try to zoom out too much you'll see the edges of the lens. it's actually pretty good for close-up shots and for very wide angle landscape shots. I haven't tried it yet, but I suspect it would make for some cook videos. That might be all I use it for in the end. I'm more looking forward to getting a Sigma or Tamron 18-200. The Opeteka wide angle was screwed onto the end of the 55-70 that came with the camera.


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