Car Show on the Berlin Turnpike:Trucks at Panera Bread

Take a look at my early Father's Day gift. On our way to a little couple's get together. We stopped off in Newington at the Panera Bread on the Berlin Turnpike. i love stopping at these things for the great conversations, great cars, sounds and pictures. This post is just trucks. The owner of the Red 3100 asked me why I liked his truck. It seems like a simple question, right? I thought about it and it's complicated. I think I like t he trucks and cars because i don't see them around anymore and because it reminds me of an older generation. The chevy Nova's remind me of my dad. Nostalgia is an expensive thing.

Super Sport

That dash was made by hand over 30 years ago

Chevy 3100

53 Chevy

I love this shot


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