Middletown Cruise Main Street: Pic of People Peeping Cars

 I love taking pictures of cars. i'm going to go out on a limb, but in a lot of cases, adding people into the pictures makes it so much better. For instance, at this event in Middletown. There were literally hundreds of people willing to sweat it out on the first day of summer... (one of the hottest on record here in Connecticut.) I decided to focus on people loving cars instead of just the hot rods. I think I got some awesome shots. It's hard to get that moment when someone looks up and sees an awesome car. But what I got was a lot of people, seemingly, in deep thought about how much work when into these cars, the attention to detail and the original car-maker's craftsmanship. It's funny because people tend to be more aware than they think of cameras. As soon as they hear the camera click or see me hunch down, they stop in their tracks, or back out of the shot always assuming that they're messing up my shot. For the most part that is not the case. I think having someone intently looking at an object in a picture only draws the viewer into the pictures and into the point of interest for that person in that moment.
    I used the creamy 50mm 1.2 lens for most of these pictures. That didn't put me too close to my "victims" and not too far away either. If you're looking for more info on the middletown car cruise go to http://www.middletowncarcruise.com/?page_id=133


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