Heaven'ly Donuts: April 29th

There I am in the reflection on the left

I think I finally got it. I finally know why I love going to car shows-- it's a sign of summer time. Just like certain songs, smells, foods make you think of summer-- for me, car shows, exhaust fumes, hot rods and loud engines remind me of the summer. This year one of the first car shows of the year in this area was at Heaven'ly Donuts in Derby. On this outing, I used by fish-eye lens. I love using it. It gives the pictures a unique look. Not sure if I'm in love with it..
   Anywho, here's the video:

Call me what you want, I've always loved the good 'ol boys. I used to love Dukes of Hazard as a kid.

I love El Caminos too

This car isn't really pink. It was sitting next to a red car.


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