Three Months of Pictures, One Post

     Three months of pictures in one post might be a lot to take in.. so take your time looking through this. I have been very busy over the past few months. Very little time to stop and smell the roses (or cherry blossoms) -- let alone blog about them.
     First up some shots from the beautiful Cherry Blossoms in Wooster Square in New Haven. I guess you can finding the right shot was a "walk in the park."  Hardy, Har, Har. I wish I could have been out there a little closer to sunrise, but this was a work day.

 I love, love, love, this shot

     This next series is awesome. It's just a taste of some of the shots that I took at Bashta's Martial Arts in Hamden. These guys are serious. This was about half way through the 6 hour long black belt test. I love a good action shot.

I like this shot too... you can see there's no way that cinder block is going to be upright a half second later.

And this was mother's day. Who doesn't love a nice little bouquet of flowers... some good food and  a walk at the beach (flying a kite with EJ)


 And finally a couple of shots from the New Haven Green. Fun, fun fun-- thanks for playing along. Now we're all caught up. See you next post. Hopefully not in September or October.


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