North Carolina Central - Post-Black History Month

So, I have some left over pictures/stories from black history month. This is a group of them.  I'm not going to get too much into it. North Carolina Central reminds me of FAMU in a lot of ways. It sits in the same city as another large, well-known and highly funded University (Duke = FSU). The obvious: it's an HBCU. Great programs that draw students from all around the globe. Big Campus with a lot of new buildings.. and NO Parking. It was hard to find a place to park. I don't think i found a lot that you didn't need a sticker to park in. I just happened to stop by on the same day as a Career fair, .. I took the chance that i wouldn't get ticketed and towed. Anyway, I love how their Track & Field and Football stadium sit right in the middle of campus. I can only imagine what their homecoming looks like. 


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