Project 52 Week 9 - shadows, hands, paths

       So it's been a while since my last 52 week challenge. But I'm not giving up nor have I been wasting away my weeks by not shooting.
      For one, I still committed a lot if my time in February to Black History month stories along with it being a ratings period at my real day job. So, blogging took a back seat.
        What else have I been doing? Photo shoots.
         So far, I've done two photo shoots with models from the networking site Model Mayhem. The pictures turned out great. One shoot was up in Creedmoor.. the other right in downtown Raleigh. I'll link you to the albums from the pictures here.
     By the way, that was one of my goals for 2013 and one of my skipped challenges: "fashion shoot."

     The next challenge is shadows, hands, paths.
      My last 52 week challenge was on week five, ... So I'm going to skip ahead to week nine. But here's the catch,... I'm only giving myself 24 hours to shoot. Limited time: one day to tackle three concepts.
       So I started off at the park and found some paths and shadows. I even got a cool panoramic shot.

I was going to call it a loss on "hands." But then decided to use my self as a model.
My concept was sign language. I did the signs for love, together, like and the others I can't remember.




Then I took out my trusty tube extenders to get some cool Macro shots of my hands. The extenders really exaggerate the bokeh in my 50mm lens.

And finally I took some pics of myself on the piano and saxophone.

Now it's in to next week's challenge.


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