Paint: 52 Week challenge Week 11

          Week 11 was pretty easy. I picked up a left over topic from last week: Paint. I didn't want to get fresh paint. that just wouldn't be my style. It had to be something that looked aged.. peeling and cracked.... you know how that old lead paint used to chip and curl up and come off in layers. That's what i was thinking in my mind when the Paint topic came up. Instead I just happened upon this wall in downtown Durham... not even thinking about my 52 week challenge and took a couple of pictures.
          Seriously, It wasn't until I got home and looked at the pictures that I thought... hey I could use this for the blog. The family was waiting to get into Dame's Chicken N Waffles and I decided to take EJ for a little walk around the block.... just to see what else was in the immediate area. I hope you like. I think this could be the scene for a future photo shoot easily.

    I'm not sure if they knew that the wall was crumbling and decided to spray it to see how bad the crumbling was -or- if it is supposed to be this color. Either way I think the patina on this was is beautiful. I know it can't stay that way for ever... and renovations will soon have to be made. Someone even painted a suggestion on the wall that it should be painted...but I love it just the way it is.
     Ok, I'm really going to pick a topic for next week. No video fro this week though.

A rare moment when Ethan was kinda calm


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