Black History Month

       So, February is here and it is Black History Month (Dr. King's holiday was a day off-- this is a full month *to engage*).  America has come a long way. But, racism still exists, the achievement gap still exists and our young men are living without hope for a future and are being incarcerated for most if their lives. Our neighborhoods are wrought with violence are families are failing before they even get started. Fathers are absent, and our people are falling away from God.
     It would be wrong of me to focus on the bad and not acknowledge the good that is being done in Black America. i have a whole month to do so. 
      I'm pledging to educate my family and myself this Black History Month on our past so I can see the future. Education is key. Knowledge is Power!
Here are some tweets I picked up yesterday along with a great interview with Dr. Cornell West on the "Late Show"with Craig Furgeson

“@JAE_MILLZ: Its #BlackHistoryMonth So plz black people, if ur gonna be ignorant.. Do it in March. This is a month of power, not stupidity.”

“@NotChrisRock: #BreakUpExcuses "You're breakin up with me? Why?" - "Um...It's #BlackHistoryMonth?" - "??" - "...I'm black... & we're history, #Deuces!"”

“@chica12171991: A black man invented the elevator really that's wassup.#blackhistorymonth”

Stick a pin in this one.

“@lifeseek: African American Babies:Endangered Species? #blackhistorymonth #blackbabies #blackpeople #blackfamilies #abortion”

“@OFA_WI: Read the President’s National African American History
Month proclamation: http://OFA.BO/Lqvouz

“@SoulRevision: NEW BLOG POST: NIHILISM- A Silent Killer In Our Community feat @BigMaineSr #BlackHistoryMonth”

“@BuspassDays: RT @iamdiddy: Did you know that #OnThisDay in 1956 - U of Alabama accepted its First Black Student? #blackhistorymonth”


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