Monster Jam at the Stafford Motor Speedway

 Okay, so sue me,.. I'm still a big kid. I like big loud trucks with a lot of power and I like seeing them jump over things and crush things.. and then sometimes, I like to see them crash. 
    If you know, I love cars, racing and monster trucks. There is no way they'd let me get behind the wheel of one of those things, but I wish they had a passenger seat. 

   Over 1000 horsepower, 10,000 pounds, big tires, and loud--- I mean LOUD.. engines. How could you not love it. This was my second monster truck show. 
    My first show was in the Arena at Harbor Yard in Bridgeport. I loved it then, but I also left with a headache... and the trucks still kinda felt far away. 
      This show was up close and personal. felt like you could reach out and touch the track... but all the proper safety barriers were in place. I think it made a big difference having it in an open arena. 
    I know I have no pull on things like this.. but I hope when they go to Hartford.. the ditch plans to go to the XL Center. They should go to Rentchsler Field and just do one big show. Anyway here are my pictures from today. We saw Grave Digger, Son of a Grave Digger (with the legend's son... Ryan).. Grinder, maximum destruction, backdraft, Thrasher, and Airforce.  Check out my pics.

The highest jump of the night, I wasn't ready for it

a nice wheelie


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