Water fun or Google +?

 At this point I had wanted to give a review of google plus, but instead i'm going to talk about the cool designs that water makes when splashed. Mainly I like the design because there's no was to duplicate them. It's like a snow flake, each one is unique. Its the stuff that makes photographing surfers riding waves so amazing. This camera makes taking these pictures pretty easy.. just as long as my timing is right.I wish it had a photo-burst mode which would make it easier to capture the right moment. Most of the higher end DSLR cameras can shoot 3,5 event 7 shots per second. Yup, that's all I got for now. I'm still trying to give google plus the benefit of the doubt over here. Nobody wants it to turn out like google buzz did, but you never know. I think the company made a mistake in only letting a select few get onto google plus. It would have been much better if they just rolled it out for all gmail users or google account holders. So far, i'm just on there talking to my self and about three other people. At least when twitter came out there were a few more people using it. When instagram came out there were a lot of good hard core users jumping on board. I think the soft launch is going to hurt google plus. It needs a real jolt of attention before things fizzle out.

   back to the splash pictures.. here are some more

small wave


dragon wave


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