Roaring Brook Park

So, I took EJ up to Roaring Brook park yesterday and it was a blast-- except for the part where we took the wrong trail.. and the other part where I heard a large animal go up a tree or something. The trail is beautiful. You'd never expect to see something like this in the neighborhood where the trail begins. There's a cool fireplace that's left over from an old school home (back when they used to use the fireplace for cooking, and for heat. it looks like someone is still trying to use this thing too.  The hike to the falls is pretty tough. No heavy duty climbing ( i din't need any ropes or harnesses but it was still pretty steep.) I honestly was not prepared for what i found. at the end of the path there's a huge cliff. I'm not sure how far that drop of is but it's deadly and scary. I was too preoccupied with making sure EJ didn't get too close to even get any really hot shots of the falls.  The actually falls drop off into a ravine. I want to at some point go back to the falls after a heavy rain but I want to hike into the ravine and get some really cool shots from down below. 

    The way down was easy. (that was when I heard a larger animal was out there with me.) I grabbed Ethan up and took off down the hill. The one thing that is both nice and spooky about this trail is that you are out there by yourself. It's not a heavily trafficked trail like sleeping giant or one of the other state parks, but it is nice. On our way home we spotted a deer taking a lunch break in a church's front yard. 


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