Outside the City limits - forgotten photos

   Here's a couple of shots that I forgot to post from Last week. I call it outside the city limits because I was on my way to Creedmoor to scout a location for a shoot and stopped along the road. This wasn't in Raleigh and I hadn't seen the Creedmoor sign -- thus (my favorite word) Outside the City Limits. Maybe it'll be a running series. I always see rundown/old looking buildings and barns that I want to take pictures of whenever  I leave the "city limits."
     I have to admit some nerves though. There was one home along this road that i could clearly see an old-old-old car tucked away in a barn. That would be my dream, to pick up a classic car for a couple hundred bucks and spend a couple of years fixing it up with EJ. Anyway, I didn't get a picture of that house because I'm seriously afraid of coming face to face with the barrel of a gun when I go "outside the city limits". Peace, Enjoy.


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