African American History Month Project

St. Augustine's University

   Happy African American History month. A few years ago, I was inspired to do some digging into my state's history and went on an African American history tour in Connecticut. I learned about a lot of things.. Like the fact that there was almost an HBCU built in New Haven. But local businessmen and city leaders fought it for fear that the young African American men would mingle with the white women at Yale University.
     You could look back at our history and get down and depressed. You could feel sad for those who went through such horrors. But, I try to see the hope in the images and stories. I see hope for the future. because look how far we've come... and how far we could go.
     Now that I'm living in North Carolina, I'm literally surrounded by the history of our ancestors. I was also surrounded by it in the Northeast,.. but I just had to dig a little deeper to find that history.
     During the month of Februrary I'm going to be visiting historical sites around the Raleigh area and posting here what I've seen, heard and learned from my visits.
    I'm not sure how many places I'll be able to go to and if I'll get to post a story a day, but that is my ultimate goal... 28 stories of hope from the past two centuries to 2013.


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