Durham's MLK Black History Parade 2013 (updated with more pictures)

    So I didn't even make it through the first week of black history month without missing a day. As you can tell, I missed yesterday because of time constraints and computer problems, but I'm back at it today. Yesterday, I took my family to Durham's annual MLK - Black History Month Parade. IT WAS COOOOOOOLLLD. Well, it wasn't  "Connecticut Cold" ... it was just cold enough to not want to be standing outside for any long length of time.

     This was my first trip into Durham since moving down here. I always say there's history all around us-- African American, American, Indian. This is one place where I really felt surrounded by history. All you have to do is travel downtown to "Black Wall Street" then rolling through NC Central's Campus.
    I'll get to those topics soon. First I want to get to the parade. There's not much to say. There isn't that much information out there on who started it. It's only been going for 11 years, but you can tell the community really embraces it as a source of pride. Parades are always better when you know someone whom you can look to cheer on as they make their way down the route. This was still fun though. I guess this is a case when the pictures speak louder than words.


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